Lending Library

Members’ Lending Library

     The following is an index of learning courses on DVDs, VCRs and Audio tapes and are available for loan to OCLI members only. Each may be kept for up to one month.

The History of Impressionism
The History of European Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Louvre
The Italian Renaissance


Europe & America in the Modern Age
The American Civil War
The High Middle Ages
The World of Byzantium
Tocqueville & the American Experience
Medieval Europe: Crisis & Renewal

Great Authors of the Western Literary Tradition
Beowulf & the Anglo-Saxons
How to Read & Understand Poetry

Beethoven: His Life & Music
Mozart: His Life & Music
Great American Music: Broadway Musicals

Science & Religion
European Thought & Culture – 19th Century
European Thought & Culture – 20th Century
No Excuses: Existentialism & the Meaning of Life
Great Minds of the Western Intellectual Tradition
The Quest for Meaning, Value, Ethics & the Modern Experience

The Old Testament
The New Testament
God & Mankind: Comparative Religions
Popes & the Papacy: A History

Understanding the Human Body
Dark Matter, Dark Energy, the Dark Side of the Universe
How the Earth Works
Introduction to Geology